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Using widely available yarns and basic knitting methods, this gorgeous book provides detailed patterns for five dolls, each standing approximately 45cm (18in) high. Each has a basic knitted body, which is then magically transformed into a witch, a wizard, a fairy, a princess and a pirate by the addition of hair, clothes and accessories. Instructions based on the same designs are also provided for five further dolls, including Santa Claus and a fiery flamenco dancer called Flamenka, and all the patterns can be adapted to stamp your own character on the knitted dolls. Suitable for both adults and children, the author's attention to detail is what really brings her designs to life - beautifully decorated gowns and cloaks are worn over layered bodices, skirts, tunics and pants, and the outfits are finished with knitted jewellery, hats, shoes and other embellishments. The pirate even has a knitted sword in a sword belt, and the witch would not be complete without the knitted wort on her nose! A beautiful book which will provide pleasure for anyone who enjoys knitting.